Residual Passive Income Business Model from Home or Online

You can now earn predicatible, ongoing, reoccurring income working at home and online sharing delicious coffee with your friends, family and social groups

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Hi, we're the husband and wife team of John Spencer Ellis "JSE" and Kelli Ellis.  We've been entrepreneurs since our early 20's. During the past 20+ years, we've had (and still have) many successful businesses in a wide variety of industries.  Over this time, we've learned some VALUABLE LESSONS. 

Here are the lessons we're learned:
Employees can be a pain. Avoid having employees. Being an entrepreneur gives you a sense of pride, and also dramatically reduces your taxes due to the tax laws. Earning passive income as an entrepreneur lets you travel and experience life on your terms. You also get to help others escape the rat race.

Definition of passive income:
  An income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

"Earned income" is literally the money earned from a regular job where you are paid by the hour. There are 2 MAJOR DRAWBACKS to this type of income. First, you can only make money while you are actually on the clock working. You are stuck, and it limits your freedom and ability to travel. Secondly, you are taxed at the highest possible level (regardless of your tax bracket) because you have no tax advantages.  It's simple math, and it's not good.

THE ONLY WAY for you to escape the rat race is to design your financial future. The best way to do that is to create passive income. Have you ever heard people say, "I make money in my sleep!"  Well, this is how they do it. Passive income allows you to make money, at any time, and in most places (if not all) because you put the wheels in motion. Success doesn't happen overnight and if anyone says it does, they are lying to you.

As with anything, success - true success - takes time and effort. We're not saying is it's a struggle.  It's not. We're saying you get out what you put it. It's pretty simple. Get the details >>>